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CMO Advisory value for large Enterprise

This blog post explains how CMO Advisory can generate value for the CMO of any large Enterprise. Backstory A recent analysis of hundreds of Marketo consultants across 5 different companies found that 100% of these consultants are in the “engagement marketing factory” business. These consultants are working with marketing teams and or technical teams to execute. They are helping these …

adminCMO Advisory value for large Enterprise
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Engagement Marketing and Interstellar War

War As a commander in the Engagement wars you see as well as I do how the wars are playing out. Your targets are more educated than ever. It is hard to get the same results out of military campaigns that you used to. But there are encouraging signs from certain allies on the Eastern Front – that have figured …

adminEngagement Marketing and Interstellar War
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Leading edge thinking in sales enablement

Sales enablement is an exciting new function that is concerned with helping sales sell more. Sales enablement has not been around a long time because a platform that enables harmonized sales and marketing is critical for sales enablement and this just did not exist 10 years ago. Let’s take a look a bit more at what sales enablement is, what …

adminLeading edge thinking in sales enablement
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Targeting as a “first class service”

The evolution of targeting Marketers go through a typical evolution in their targeting. Maybe you come from using an ESP (Email Service Provider) where targeting was either not really all that targeted or alternatively the targeting was filtered down in some other system and uploaded into the ESP each time there was an email send. Or you may be at …

adminTargeting as a “first class service”
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Holistic ABM – Layering ABM into all your marketing activities

ABM is an excellent new way to engage with Accounts. ABM is cutting edge and as such many marketers are not even in agreement as to what ABM is. I suspect if I ask a few marketers what it is I may not get the same answer. To get a better understanding of ABM I would point you to an …

adminHolistic ABM – Layering ABM into all your marketing activities
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Use “Interest Scoring” to target like a bull

A big part of having an Engagement Platform is that you can target leads very precisely and dynamically based on a host of data coming into the platform. Despite this many clients still have not utilized the full potential this targeting can offer. Nurture Programs are a great place to take advantage of this targeting (Nurture is automated communication streams). …

adminUse “Interest Scoring” to target like a bull
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Select data on stretched stock market valuations

Disclosure: I am short biotech right now and long select technology stocks. Let me start with a summary of my thinking on market valuations these days: Currently there are markets out there that are overvalued Biotech is one of them and I will share data on this from our valuation models Investors need to be careful to not get burned …

adminSelect data on stretched stock market valuations
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Engagement Marketing – Optimized Enterprise Clients Soar

In the process of helping build a consulting team that goes beyond implementation it has been a thrill to see how high-performance clients move beyond basic Engagement Marketing implementation and perform neck-and-neck with the best of the best. So how do successful clients cut through the madness (aka. noise) and achieve results? I see a pattern emerging as to how …

adminEngagement Marketing – Optimized Enterprise Clients Soar