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Targeting as a “first class service”

The evolution of targeting Marketers go through a typical evolution in their targeting. Maybe you come from using an ESP (Email Service Provider) where targeting was either not really all that targeted or alternatively the targeting was filtered down in some other system and uploaded into the ESP each time there was an email send. Or you may be at …

adminTargeting as a “first class service”
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Use “Interest Scoring” to target like a bull

A big part of having an Engagement Platform is that you can target leads very precisely and dynamically based on a host of data coming into the platform. Despite this many clients still have not utilized the full potential this targeting can offer. Nurture Programs are a great place to take advantage of this targeting (Nurture is automated communication streams). …

adminUse “Interest Scoring” to target like a bull
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Account-based scoring and the winds of change

New advances in account-based scoring that every b2b marketing team should be aware of! The winds of change were in the air for the client. Their team thought the march to account-based scoring was destined to happen. So they arranged a call to talk to their marketing platform provider to see what could be done to take advantage of account-based …

adminAccount-based scoring and the winds of change