Engagement Marketing and Interstellar War


As a commander in the Engagement wars you see as well as I do how the wars are playing out. Your targets are more educated than ever. It is hard to get the same results out of military campaigns that you used to. But there are encouraging signs from certain allies on the Eastern Front – that have figured out a better way to win the war (win clients).

Your Engagement Platform

Your senior leaders have purchased EMP (Engagement Marketing Platform) for deployment in the wars – hoping this turns the course of the war. Prior to EMP you were stuck on the sidelines lobbing email marketing missiles using only ETEBW (Exactly Targeted Email Blast Weaponry) while other Planets fought each other with sophisticated weapons.

Now EPV (Engagement Platform Vendor) transport ships have delivered shiny new equipment. Your commanders’ first reaction is how do we deploy these weapons? The equipment performed well on the test grounds of San Mateo, and I know countless Allies (reference customers) we spoke to have deployed Marketo to various theatres of war with great success.

Getting started

Feeling overwhelmed your commanders ordered anyone who will touch the new EMP equipment to take part in the virtual training immediately, followed by Foundation live warfare training.

In parallel your internal elite forces are breezing through basic setup so the equipment is at least operational. Enable orchestration of across all theatres of war (marketing channels). Connect MDC (Marketing Database Command) to all other database commands. Activate dynamic segmentation across email, web and advertising. Engage marketing engines. After all EMP is about supporting ALL your marketing warfare activities.

VPSSF (Vendor Professional Services Special Forces) are brought in from time-to-time to assist in strategic deployment to the actual theatre of war.  I am told by key allies that the deployment can be quicker and more in tune with best-practice warfare if VPSSF are involved. Or you can go it on your own.

In any case this new weaponry will force a rethink of how marketing forces are deployed. The winners in this war are the ones that can jointly deploy marketing forces in harmony with EMP and the rest of the organization. We still have allies that allow sales and marketing to ignore each other and they are hurting!

What does EMP give us?

Prior to EMP it was not clear how marketing air campaigns impacted sales ground troops. Now marketing forces have visibility into every little movement on the ground and can act on each one.

Target acquisition (segmentation) now happens in real-time vs. having to manually upload stale target lists for each military campaign.

We can now track their every troop movement across LPP (Landing Page Property) and CWCP (Corporate Website Controlled Property).

Anonymous RTP means we can personalize WGA (Web Ground Actions) even if we know very little about the Anonymous troops.

Sales and marketing agree to a joint battle lifecycle (lead lifecycle) that governs how to handle each enemy division given their position in the battle lifecycle.

Target scoring (lead scoring) is used to prioritize each target. So now ground troops are only deployed to the best targets. Previously they would engage with any open, click – even cold targets! This precision means higher sales quotas – more revenue inflicted on the enemy – and the tide of war is beginning to shift!

With Marketing and Sales acting as one, marketing can now compare every single action taken to actual enemy losses – also called Revenue Cycle Analytics.

Multi-touch attribution means that all enemy revenue casualties are tied back to the actual military actions that drove those revenues. As funds get shifted to military marketing activities with more impact – marketing is accounting for an ever increasing impact on battle revenue.

We used to have traitors in our own ranks and these are now Dynamically Blacklisted using sophisticated suppression technology that can infer their identity based on IP address.

We even use Automated Tactical Nurturing process to have automated engagement with enemy troops prior to Field Sales deployment.

Finally as you deploy Social Weaponry – any content ammunition you develop can now be multiplied to the nth power.

I could go on and on.

The tide of war has changed.

The war rages on. The strategy and tactics have gotten more sophisticated. The prize is your next customer!

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